Cryotek Eng is a company with a strong vocation towards constant progress in development and respect for people, services and the environment.

It began its business by developing technological solutions in the cryobiology sector, tanks and cryogenic pumps, then expanding into the creation of flow meters , pressure reducers , mixers and decompression panels to end with industrial systems, with the aim of constant growth and research. technological in all sectors where gas is present ( welding , heat treatments , goldsmithing , food and laser cutting).

The company Cryotek Eng Srl announces that Mr. Antonio Viviano no longer has any role in our company as he relinquished his role as CEO as of 06/06/2022 and no longer holds the role of partner since 09/30/2023 .

This is to avoid causing confusion in relationships with our customers and suppliers, to whom it must be absolutely clear which interlocutors the company should refer to.

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Monday through Friday
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Cryotek Eng SRL justifies its leadership in the production of gas measurement instruments with the recognitions obtained over time which have given prestige to its activity and products, in particular: Ercole oro , recognition of the University of Cagliari & CNR (2023), Italy who works (2007), regional progress award

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Design and feasibility studies

Cryotek Eng carries out feasibility studies for the management of gases and/or complete systems in the various application sectors in compliance with total cost-effectiveness, safety and efficiency.
The systems created by Cryotek Eng are customized. The design carried out by the technical office is able to develop complex projects with complete customization in line with customer requests.

Installation and system assistance

The Cryotek group guarantees a GLOBAL ASSISTANCE service to all its customers, intervening rapidly all over the world with technical personnel capable of following the customer from the first, for the purchase of products, up to the processing and production of the products on measures according to the customer's needs, to their installation and subsequent assistance, intervening rapidly all over the world with technical personnel capable of supporting the customer from the installation and startup phase, up to commissioning, with calibration and commissioning. point of the structures, issuing a declaration of conformity.

Security and Alarm Systems

Cryotek Eng, always with a view to always being able to provide a high level service, is able to integrate its products and installations with the most sophisticated security and alarm systems.


Cryotek Eng has the possibility of providing training in line with current regulations for the use of gas equipment.