Mixing System Mod. IVA/N – Food Sector

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The binary mixer* produced by us to meet the growing needs of the food industry has the advantage of adapting to every production process.

  • Assembled inside a small frame, it is extremely light and resistant to all environmental conditions.
  • The measurement of the gases composing the mixture is carried out using borosilicate glass flowmeters , equipped with micrometric taps, produced and calibrated with precision entirely in our workshops.
  • Our flow meters, combined with the Venturi system, guarantee precise and continuous control of the mixture by the operator.**
  • The incoming lines are complete with a 60μ filtration system, balanced control piloted pressure reducing valves and one-way valves designed to avoid any pollution of the lines.
  • A pilot reducer complete with analogue display placed on the front allows immediate and precise setting of the pressure of the outlet mixture.
  • The front synoptic, available in both aluminum and plexiglass, allows for intuitive and easy reading; capable of resisting deterioration, it guarantees protection of the instrumentation from atmospheric agents or foreign bodies.
  • The synoptic machined in aluminum, in addition to giving a professional appearance to the equipment, can be customized with your official logo.

* Possibility of ternary version.
**Optional insertion of remote end-of-gas alarms, acoustic, luminous or direct to PLC.


Maximum inlet pressure 15 bar
Maximum outlet pressure 6 bar
Inlet connections 1/4” GF
Output connections 1/4” GF


  • End of gas alarm systems
  • Line blocking systems
  • Detection systems
  • pulmonary systems
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