Mixing System Mod. EASY MIXER

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Compact mixing system, suitable for small flow rates and suitable for the goldsmith, industrial, chemical and food sectors.
The maximum flow regulation is entrusted to direct reading analog systems, based on the Pitot system designed, built and calibrated in our workshops since 1960.
The user thus has the possibility of obtaining direct control over the strength of the mixture produced and, through a flow control system, also having control over the stability of the outgoing mixture.
The pressure regulators located inside the instrument are directly spring operated. If necessary, one-way valves can be supplied.
The device is housed inside a completely sealed stainless steel case, to avoid tampering by unauthorized personnel.
Thanks to its characteristics, the equipment is the result of an excellent combination of cost-effectiveness and product functionality.

Available with specific treatments for pure and food gases


Maximum inlet pressure 10 bar
Maximum outlet pressure 2 bar
Inlet connections 1/4” GF
Output connections 1/4” GF
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