Mixing System Mod. M04S

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Thanks to new construction techniques, the use of innovative materials and the use of gas control systems, the system becomes reliable, flexible and simple to manage.
The possible advantage is evident.
The M04S mixer is able to offer four autonomous mixers at low costs, in small spaces and in a single frame, thus optimizing the process organization throughout the entire production. It has the possibility of setting up to four mixtures through a series of micrometric valves which will perform the task of calibrating the flow on each individual line, thus generating a mixture with an accurately defined title.
The reading of the flow rates will take place with direct reading analogue systems, based on the Pitot system. Designed, built and calibrated specifically for welding systems with large productions. The user thus has the possibility of obtaining direct control over the strength of the mixture produced and, through a flow control system, also having control over the stability of the outgoing mixture.
Thanks to the tempered glass door with security key, it will be protected from any external tampering by unauthorized personnel.
The system is particularly suitable for Oil&Gas applications.


Maximum inlet pressure 10 bar
Maximum outlet pressure 2 bar
Inlet connections 1/4” GF
Output connections 1/4” GF
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