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Cryotek Eng, to respond to the growing needs of the goldsmith sector, has studied a new line of mixing systems. The GoldMixer System is an easy-to-install mixer with the advantage of adapting to every production process.

Assembled inside a small frame and made entirely of aluminium, it is extremely light and resistant to all environmental conditions.

The measurement of the gases composing the mixture is carried out thanks to borosilicate glass flowmeters , equipped with micrometric taps, produced and calibrated with precision entirely in our workshops.

Our flow meters, combined with the Venturi system, guarantee precise and continuous control of the mixture by the operator.

The aluminum front synoptic allows for intuitive and easy reading; capable of resisting wear, it guarantees protection of the instrumentation from atmospheric agents or foreign bodies. The synoptic machined in aluminium, in addition to giving a professional appearance to the equipment, can be customized with your official logo.

Absolute precision and high quality are guaranteed by the use of the most advanced technologies.


Maximum inlet pressure 15 bar
Maximum outlet pressure 6 bar
Inlet connections 1/4” GF
Output connections 1/4” GF


  • Alarm systems
  • Pulmonation systems
  • Line blocking systems
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