Cryotek Eng has been a world leader in the production and marketing of technologies for the food sector for over 50 years.

We are able to develop, produce and install the most advanced technologies, carrying out feasibility studies , projects , specific consultancy and the creation of entire systems dedicated to this sector, respecting current regulations.

Cryotek Eng can respond to any customer request, offering technologically advanced opportunities useful for the expected results of our buyers.


news in the food sector

We have recently developed a system to increase and develop the sales potential of pizzerias that meet some essential quality requirements without any investment cost on your part.

significant increase in turnover

The pizzerias that have joined our project to date have seen a notable increase in turnover thanks to our know-how. This project will not interfere in any way with your current production and philosophy. As partners, you will be included in our national advertising promotion, which refers to "Pizzeria 1889".

contact us and receive the details

The project is currently strictly confidential. Therefore, if interested, we await your quick response, to both evaluate the possibility of starting a profitable collaboration.
You can contact the Cav project manager. Biagio Grassi by calling 335-5446200 or by sending an email to .

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Raising the standards of our products in order to guarantee food freshness without compromising their organoleptic qualities is a priority for Cryotek Eng.

Our range of variable area gas mixing systems, approved by the prestigious MAP Consortium , naturally extends the shelf life of food, keeping its flavor and quality intact .

MAP technology , with its protected air packaging, represents a fundamental pillar to guarantee optimal preservation of fresh foods.

Thanks to our cutting-edge and certified equipment, we are committed to providing reliable and quality solutions in the food sector, reducing food waste as much as possible and maintaining constant quality over time.

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products and services

Miscelatore binario Cryotek Eng in acciaio inox, con flussimetri precisi, sinottico personalizzabile, e vari sistemi di sicurezza integrati.

Gas Mixing Systems: Gas Mixer Model VAT/No

  • Key solution for creating stable and economical mixes in the food sector.
  • It allows rapid variation of the mixture strength to personalize the "recipes" and improve the customer's know-how.
  • It guarantees the precision of the mixture title, avoiding stratification of the gases in the cylinder.
  • Minimizes costs in purchasing primary gases, with rapid amortization of the cost incurred.
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Alarm systems

In order to prevent critical emergency situations related to food safety, providing timely reports of anomalies in production processes.

Pulmonation systems

They maintain the stability of gas mixtures during transportation and use in food processes, ensuring the highest quality of the final product.

Analysis and Detection Systems

They monitor and control the composition and quality of the gases used in food processes, ensuring regulatory compliance and high quality standards.

Construction of the systems

Cryotek Eng provides customized solutions, from design to installation of food systems, respecting the customer's specific needs and current regulations.


Cryotek Eng offers constant support to ensure the correct functioning of food systems over time, maximizing the efficiency and life of the system.