Gas mixtures: how important are they for the food sector?

Consumers' eating habits are constantly evolving: they cook more at home and they are much more careful about waste. Not only that, long-life foods, local products are preferred and increasingly more attention is paid to the issue of sustainability.

In the last two years, although there has been an increase in online shopping, the majority of people still dedicate time to their purchases by going to the shop near their home. The enormous variety of products in the supermarket has contributed to making consumers more attentive and aware of their choices.

What are the aspects that make us prefer one product to another?

The consumer tends to give a lot of importance to the aesthetic aspect, but the nutritional properties and the absence of substances harmful to health are also determining factors in the choice of the final product.

In other words, we are moving towards increasingly conscious spending.

The food industry still uses to package most of its products with the addition of chemical additives, which are harmful to our health.

There is, however, a healthier preservation method that does not involve the use of these substances: Map Technology (modified atmosphere packaging), thanks to which the packaging of food products takes place in an atmosphere other than the natural one.

Thanks to this particular packaging technique, the products will retain all their freshness with a significant extension of their shelf life.

Many do not know that the effectiveness of MAP depends above all on the accuracy with which the gases are introduced inside the package.

Can a mixture of gases affect the quality of a product?

Absolutely yes.

For this reason, Cryotek Eng has dedicated several years to the study and research of products dedicated to all companies that deal with food packaging using gas.

For the food sector , variable area mixers are created for binary (nitrogen and carbon dioxide) and ternary (oxygen) mixtures, capable of feeding the single machine up to the entire production area. Thanks to Cryotek Eng solutions, MAP Technology manages to fully preserve the food, for its entire shelf life.

We are an ever-growing population and we need more and more food.

To be able to cover this enormous market demand, the food sector must continually seek innovative solutions that involve the use of the Map.

This way companies will have more products at their disposal and a longer shelf life of food.

Companies working in the food sector aim to increase the shelf life of foods, the so-called shelf-life.

  • To reduce food waste
  • To facilitate reaching new markets
  • To extend distances, allowing delivery to any part of the world
  • To increase warehouse stocks

The elements that affect the life of a packaged product:

  • Use of Gases
  • Packaging materials
  • Temperature and hygienic conditions
  • Gas atmosphere and processing methods
  • Mixing systems

A perfect mixture of gases guarantees quality packaged products, with the certainty of product preservation.

For this reason, to meet the most demanding market demands, Cryotek Eng has developed a new line of gas mixers for all companies that process food gases.

Let's talk about the new mixing system model IVA/N
The "heart" always remains the same as the previous models, the design changes, with greater practicality in its use.

  • Easy Installation
  • Lighter and more resistant to all environmental conditions
  • Adaptability of the product to every production process

The food sector, in addition to being constantly growing, must necessarily adapt to consumer habits, which is why we are updated on new technologies.

If you don't want to fall behind your competitors, you must necessarily rely on safe and certified companies that, once they understand your needs, are able to transform them into opportunities.

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