Cryotek Eng, with over 60 years of experience in the glass sector, collaborates with important international companies, offering a complete service ranging from design to construction of the systems, with subsequent periodic assistance.

With Cryotek Eng you have the certainty of working with a reliable and expert partner, committed to providing you with innovative solutions that comply with industry regulations.

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Customized Design and Technical Support

Cryotek Eng works closely with the customer to customize each phase of the project, ensuring an adequate response to specific needs.

Our team of engineers collaborates with the customer's technical staff to adapt the structure to their needs, ensuring an optimal result.

Component Production and Maintenance Times

The production times for standard components and safety and environmental systems are quick and defined: from 30 to 45 days for production, 60 days for the project book and 30 days for installation.

Certification and Technological Updates

Cryotek Eng offers equipment renewal and upgrade services, issuing calibration and maintenance certifications to ensure regulatory compliance and legal protection.

Information Necessary for a Personalized Offer

To formulate an offer, we require detailed information on the building, workstations and process cycles.

We also recommend an inspection by a technician to best evaluate the customer's needs and make our proposal complete with everything necessary.

Safety Systems and Regulations

Cryotek Eng is committed to complying with PED and ATEX regulations, designing advanced safety systems such as the Quasar system, capable of detecting and preventing gas leaks into the environment.

Thanks to the anti-seismic system, we can prevent fatal events caused by gas or earthquakes.

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products and services

In our catalog you will find a wide range of products and services for the glass industry, including:

  • Decompression frameworks
  • Variable area mixing systems
  • Pressure reducers
  • Precision instruments for measuring fluids
  • Construction of systems for air conditioning and gas centralization

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