thermal treatments

Cryotek Eng is a company with over 35 years of experience in the sector, which stands out for innovation, quality and safety.

We offer a complete and safe service, from the design and construction of the systems to maintenance directly at the customer's premises, guaranteeing a safe and high-performance working environment.

The Importance of Heat Treatment in the Metallurgical Sector

Heat treatment plays a fundamental role in the metallurgical sector, as it aims to give the metal specific structures and properties.

This process occurs by heating in a controlled gaseous atmosphere and is intended to change the mechanical properties of the metal, such as strength, shape, elasticity and hardness.

Gaseous Atmosphere Control and Oxidation Protection

During the process, it is essential to monitor the gaseous atmosphere used to avoid oxidation of the metal, which could compromise its mechanical properties and brilliance.

Cryotek Eng has developed a complete system to manage this process, ensuring effective protection against oxidation through precise control of the gases used.

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Maximum Efficiency and Safety

The system from Cryotek eng is not just a mixing system, but a complete system with analyzers and an automatic safety system.

It is able to self-regulate and report any anomalies during the heat treatment, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.

products and services

Cryotek Eng offers high quality products and services for the heat treatment industry, including:

  • Mixing systems
  • Second stage pressure reducers
  • Alarm systems
  • Analysis and detection systems
  • Construction of the systems
  • Maintenance

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