Training Courses

Training for Safety in the Use of Technical Gases

Cryotek Eng has been operating in the field of conditioning and mixing of industrial technical gases since the 1960s, producing high technology for all sectors involved in the process. Our professionalism has allowed us to create a department dedicated to training courses for operators gas systems.

Both the company and our courses are certified by the CVI Sro certification body

Given the high technological growth in the gas sector and wanting to guarantee high safety standards as well as high performance of the equipment and professionalism of the operators, our company organizes training courses for the safe use of technical gases according to Legislative Decree 81/ 2008 and subsequent amendments (e.g. Legislative Decree 106/2009). This Legislative Decree obliges the employer to ensure adequate training on safety and health, based on the employee's job.


  • They are held by staff with decades of experience.
  • They take place at our offices or directly at the customer's premises.
  • Participants are provided with the necessary educational material.
  • At the end of the course, after passing a verification test, a qualification certificate is issued which completes the professional profile of the operators and guarantees safety and compliance with the regulations in force.

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