Pressure reducer mod. STAR & STAR2

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The first stage pressure reducer modelSTAR2made from bar stock and its predecessor STAR made from mould, are suitable for use with a large number of technical gases and are built according to standardsEN ISO 2503.


  • Reliable and completely safe, it guarantees a constant flow rate.
  • Suitable for any situation where a reducer is needed, both as a first stage and as a second stage.
  • The outlet pressure adjustment is easily adjustable thanks to a nylon knob.
  • The pair of pressure gauges allows direct control over the regulation.
  • The overpressure valve ensures safe working.


Maximum inlet pressure 200 bar
Maximum outlet pressure 10 bar
Inlet connections nut and tang for connection to the cylinder based on the gas used and the reference legislation
Output connections 1/4” GF


Depending on the use, and the type of gas with which it will come into contact, the construction materials may vary.


Based on the required output pressure it can be equipped withmembrane(up to 10 bar) or with apiston(up to 60 bar).

Available with specific treatments for pure and food gases.

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