Modified atmosphere packaging

Foods packaged in a modified or protective atmosphere (MAP) have a prolonged shelf-life. Through this preservation technique, a higher quality of the product is guaranteed to the consumer.

It is now known that modified atmosphere conservation, which has become an important economic and commercial reality, is increasingly present in the food sector with advantages for both companies and the final consumer.

MAP Technology, or Modified Atmosphere Packaging, is a food packaging method that involves the use of gases.

Simply explained, this technique involves replacing the air present in the packaging with a pre-established mixture of gases.

In recent years, consumers have been increasingly careful when choosing food products. Among the infinite number of products found in our supermarkets, the label has taken on a decisive importance in the choice of food to bring to the table.

How can we recognize a food packaged with modified atmosphere?

Usually on the packaging we find the words "packaged in a protective or modified atmosphere."

To date, what is missing is the indication of the gases that are introduced inside the package.

What are the real advantages of this conservation technique?

  • No added chemicals.
  • Greater extension of the conservation date.
  • The products are kept fresh, preserving their nutritional characteristics.
  • No variation in color and flavor.

The products subjected to this preservation technique are: fresh pasta, fruit and vegetables, legumes and seeds, savory snacks, cheeses, fish and their processing products, baked foods.

To meet this type of consumer who is increasingly demanding and attentive to their health, companies have equipped themselves with machinery capable of packaging food with MAP technology.

Preserving food in a modified atmosphere is a technique used to avoid contact of oxygen with the surface of the food in order to increase preservation times, but above all at the same time, to reduce the use of chemical food preservatives , to guarantee a fresher and more genuine food without changing the organoleptic properties of the product.

Clearly these results cannot be achieved with the use of a single gas, which is why gas mixtures are used.

The possible combinations between gases are numerous and depend on many factors such as:

  • by the nature of the matrix that you want to protect;
  • the duration of the shelf-life you want to obtain;
  • by the nature of the packaging material.

Cryotek Eng is able to supply the food industry with complete systems and very high precision mixers for the distribution or dosing of gases for foods packaged in a modified atmosphere.

The patented Map Cryotek Eng systems allow you to create ad hoc gas dosing recipes optimized according to the food you want to package. Companies that use Cryotek Eng mixing systems have an immediate economic and competitive advantage over their competitors, thanks to the use of high-performance machinery with increasingly cutting-edge technologies.

The effectiveness of Map technology depends greatly on the accuracy with which the gases are introduced into the package. The use of mixers guarantees that the Map effectively preserves the food for the entire storage period.

Obtaining excellent finished products is the objective that a company must set itself in order to emerge in this sector.

What does Cryotek Eng do?

Cryotek Eng is a company that plays an important role in the gas sector.

It develops equipment and systems serving food, technical and industrial gases.

For the food sector, Cryotek designs and creates mixing systems for those who want reliable, flexible, technological and intuitive systems in their use.

Equipment that allows you to create different gas mixtures with the right percentage required.

Cryotek Eng's goal is to fully satisfy the customer's needs, following him throughout the design and post-sales phase.
The company that chooses to rely on Cryotek Eng will not feel alone. It will be followed throughout the construction phase of the system. Thanks to an after-sales service, you can count on a team of trained professional technicians, ready to intervene if necessary.

If you operate in the food industry and want to grow in terms of turnover and customers, choosing to preserve food in a modified atmosphere will help you not only achieve your business objectives, but also acquire a greater positioning on the market.

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