Flowmeter mod. D

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The flowmeter mod. D is an instantaneous flow meter suitable for flow rates from 500 l/h to 250 m3/h, for all types of gas or mixture, with pressures varying from 0 to 10 relative bar.
The D-CR version is equipped with an integrated fine adjustment micrometric tap and horizontal process connections.
Made with hot-calibrated borosilicate glass measuring tube and plexiglass screens, it offers extremely high accuracy over a wide range of flow rates.
It can be mounted on a panel, on a home-made reducer, or equipped with a plexiglass support for versions with horizontal connections.
Calibration certification is available upon request. Ideal for industrial and plant environments, it offers compactness, robustness and precision for a very wide range of applications.


  • Wide range of measurable flow rates
  • Compactness and extreme robustness
  • Extremely high precision possible
  • Suitable for industrial and plant environments


Max flow rate from 500 l/h to 250 m3/h
Max pressure 10 bar


  • Hot calibrated borosilicate glass measuring tube
  • Plexiglass screens


  • Integrated fine adjustment micrometric tap (only for the D-CR version)
  • Plexiglass support (only for versions with horizontal connections)
  • Calibration declaration using Accredia certified flow meters (on request)


D and D-CR

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