Cryotek Eng flowmeters: precision, quality, savings.

The complexity of gases requires the use of increasingly cutting-edge equipment.

Let's start from the origin of gases.

We are surrounded by gas, we don't see them but they revolve around us.

Natural gas is a fundamental element for our daily life;

appears to be in third place in global energy consumption and is the fossil source with the highest growth prospects in the coming years.

Natural gas is used by industries, above all to increase the performance of their production processes.
Metallurgical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry dealing with research and development, glass and ceramic industry, gold industry, paper industry, all fields of application where natural gas is used.

What is natural gas made of?

Natural gas comes from underground natural deposits; It is the cleanest fossil fuel on earth and is colorless and odorless in its natural state.

Fossil precisely because it derives from the fossilization of plants and animals.

Although natural gas is primarily composed of 90% methane, it also includes minimal amounts of ethane, propane, butane and pentane, as well as other gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and, in some cases, helium, radon and krypton.

Mixtures that contain mostly methane are called "dry", while those that include hydrocarbons such as propane and butane are called "wet".

Before natural gas can be used on an industrial level, it must undergo a treatment necessary to remove hydrocarbons.

The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate both carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which make it slightly flammable, and hydrogen sulfide, as it is toxic and corrosive.

Mixed with air, methane becomes flammable only if its concentration is between 5% and 15%. Below the threshold of 5%, the quantity of natural gas is not sufficient to fuel combustion, while above 15% there is not enough oxygen.

Of all the energy consumed in Italy, 40% comes from natural gas.

Over the last thirty years, thanks to specialized companies, new high-tech systems have been studied and created that allow the use of primary gases (such as Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, etc.) for the creation of gas mixtures “tailor-made”, in specific relation to the characteristics of the materials and the environment.

Cryotek Eng offers a complete and personalized service, from the production of flow meters to the field of mixers and gas conditioning, up to the construction of systems and related maintenance.

The beating heart of Cryotek Eng is the technical laboratory located within the company.

This is where the entire production takes place and where the flow meters are produced: excellent, extremely technological measuring instruments.

Initially Cryotek Eng created mixers equipped with a calibrated knob, but this did not guarantee precision and control over the mixture. For this reason, with a view to offering the customer greater autonomy, it was decided to introduce flow meters.

This solution allowed the customer greater control over the mixture being produced. On the other hand, a knob cannot guarantee such precision.

These measuring instruments are based on the immediate reading Pitot system. Thanks to this operation, the measurement of the gases composing the mixture occurs precisely (Error: Max 2.5%) giving the possibility of carrying out a constant and continuous check of the mixture produced.

The flow meters allow operators to intervene immediately in the event of malfunction or failure of the mixer.

Not only! With the use of flow meters, the installation and therefore the use of analysis systems is not necessary, resulting in an initial cost saving .

The flowmeter consists of a glass tube, in an aluminum case.

It is to all intents and purposes an analogue measuring instrument, precise and simple in its operation with a guarantee of production quality .

Cryotek Eng has also developed a line of “Easyflow” digital instrumentation that allows precise visualization of the gas flow, which allows for evident savings in raw material and pressure peaks.

It can be used in sectors where you want to obtain a mixture of quality and cost savings.

Once again Cryotek Eng, with its vast range of products, demonstrates that it is able to fully satisfy the needs of its customers, offering them the best service.

Cryotek Eng creates not only systems to obtain simple mixtures but truly innovative solutions in compliance with current regulations, with particular attention to the quality of raw materials.

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