Flowmeter mod. 20F and 50F

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The flow meters mod. 20F and 50F are instantaneous flow meters, made entirely of plexiglass, suitable for low flow values ​​and for various types of gas.
Equipped with a hot-calibrated measuring tube inside the plexiglass structure, they offer high precision across the entire graduated scale.
They are designed for panel fixing and can be equipped with an inlet fine adjustment tap.
The possibility of direct assembly on self-produced differential reducers allows the flow rate supplied to be kept constant as the downstream back pressure varies.
Thanks to their small size, high robustness and reading precision, they are suitable for industrial and laboratory applications requiring high quality instruments.


  • Particularly small dimensions
  • High robustness
  • Good reading precision
  • Suitable for various types of gas


  • Inlet fine adjustment tap


20F, 50F

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