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The ASM flowmeter is an instantaneous flow meter suitable for all types of gas or mixture, with pressures varying from 0 to 10 bar relative. The ASM-CR version is equipped with an integrated micrometric fine adjustment tap and horizontal process connections (version without tap with vertical connections). Made with a hot-calibrated borosilicate glass measuring tube and plexiglass screens for protection and visibility of the scale, it offers extremely high precision. It can be mounted on a panel or on a home-made reducer, or equipped with a plexiglass support for versions with horizontal connections. Calibration certification is available upon request. Ideal for industrial and plant sectors, it offers a wide range of measurable flow rates with a favorable quality/price ratio and low error rate.


Compactness and extreme robustness

Wide range of measurable flow rates

Favorable quality/price ratio

Ease of reading the scale

Low error rate


Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
Max flow rate 300 m3/h air - 10000 l/h water
Inlet connections 3/8″ GAS F - 2″ GAS F
Outlet connections 3/8″ GAS F - 2″ GAS F
Weight 0.8 - 7.5
Accuracy ±3%
Tube material Borosilicate glass
Housing material Aluminium
Seal material Based on the fluid used
Materials in contact Based on the fluid used
Degree of protection IP 54


Hot calibrated borosilicate glass measuring tube

Plexiglass screens


  • Micrometric fine adjustment cock (only for the ASM-CR version)
  • Plexiglass support (only for versions with horizontal connections)
  • Calibration declaration using Accredia certified flow meters (on request)



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