Valvoplan: the gas pressure regulator that makes the difference.

What are pressure regulators for?

Special gases are almost always served in cylinders and are compressed at high pressure. Pressure regulators serve to reduce the pressure inside the cylinders, to bring it to a lower pressure corresponding to the work being carried out.

Companies that work with gases are exposed to significant risks every day.

For the correct use of gases, full compliance with safety regulations and the use of cutting-edge tools is necessary.

The gas cylinders have an average pressure of 200 bar. Depending on the work you intend to carry out, the need to reduce the gas outlet to a lower pressure may arise. It is therefore essential to install, between the cylinder and the machinery being used, a tool capable of reducing this pressure.

Pressure regulators for high pressure cylinders are often referred to as first stage regulators, as they take the static cylinder pressure of 200-400 bar and reduce it to a safer and more manageable level which could be between 5 and 50 Cafe.

In other words, they have the function of reducing the supply (or inlet) pressure to a lower outlet pressure and work to keep this outlet pressure constant, despite fluctuations in the inlet pressure.

Second stage regulators or, also called, intermediate pressure regulators, take the reduced pressure from the first stage up to 50 bar and regulate it up to the desired operating pressure, between 1.5 and 50 bar.

These are the most common types of pressure reducers. Their characteristic lies in being able to provide accurate regulation aimed at obtaining a wide range of desired pressures.

We find various pressure reducers on the market, but are we sure we are able to choose the most suitable one for our production process?

Cryotek Eng began manufacturing the first line of pressure reducers as early as the 1970s for the most important Italian companies.

A leading innovation company, Cryotek Eng boasts the creation of 11 patents, including Valvoplan : a high-tech, extremely precise, functional and very resistant reducer equipped with automatically resettable overpressure.

Cryotek eng has designed and created this tool with a view to providing its customer with a reliable and quality product, capable of making the entire work environment safe, in full compliance with current legislation.

What innovation has Cryotek Eng brought with this innovative pressure regulator?

Valvoplan is a pressure regulator equipped with an automatically resettable overpressure valve which, in overpressure situations, allows excess pressure to be released.

In the event of a fault, the user will therefore be able to continue working and, at the same time, replace the damaged component, without the need to purchase a new reducer and above all without interrupting production.

Imagine a situation where a technical failure arises. In reducers without an overpressure valve, when 8 bar is exceeded the safety valve will give a fault signal.

At such a high pressure it will be practically impossible to replace the damaged piece and the only solution will be to stop production.

With Valvoplan, thanks to the introduction of the overpressure valve which signals the technical fault at any pressure and at any time, any replacement of the damaged part can be managed without any downtime.

The advantages of those who use Cryotek Eng pressure reducers are:

  • Safety and reliability , patented and certified product.
  • Practicality and functionality in its use.
  • Precision and consistency of gas supply even when the pressure in the cylinder varies.
  • Cost reduction through an economizing valve which allows a significant reduction in consumption.

For Cryotek Eng, safety comes first , which is why studies and research have led to the creation of increasingly precise and quality instruments with excellent performance, gaining ever more customer trust.

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