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Cryotek Eng, with a view to complying with current international regulations, has designed, patented and created some of the most efficient safety systems for plants.
For us, safety is not understood as a set of equipment but as a real concept that preserves the working environment and operators.
Precisely for this purpose, the Quasar System was created over several years of study and testing.
The Quasar System is a security system tailor-made for the reference plant and based on a comparison with the highly trained personnel of the plant.
– Study and analysis of the critical issues and risks relating to the different types of gas
– Study and analysis of the critical issues and risks relating to the system
– Identification of all possible risk areas and subdivision according to the different risk levels of the systems

The heart of QUASAR is a centralized analysis system, capable of detecting any gas leaks in the environment, with sensors placed inside the protection jacket, to identify exactly where the leak is and intervene. Based on the extent of the leak, the system is able to detect three alarm thresholds, each of which is followed by different types of alarms and actions, from an acoustic and audible alarm to warn the line or station operators, to a remote shutdown of the entire system and purging in the event of more serious leaks. The system is also completed with gas interception panels, equipped with pressure detection, gas sampling and purging systems, capable of isolating a single section of the pipe, to allow operators to identify gas leaks without causing a plant stoppage.

The Quasar System would allow the requesting company and its managers basically 3 advantages:
1. Propose itself as an innovative company within the sector by using and having expertise regarding one of the most innovative security systems of recent years
2. Completely discharge the responsibilities related to the conveyance and use of dangerous gases, since the system is in itself a guarantee and created to protect the operators and those responsible for the plant
3. Preserve your operational staff and make them at the forefront of the sector.

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