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Localized plant safety system
The system is designed to make the system safe in the event of leaks from the lines carrying combustible and oxidising gases into the work environment. When a gas leak is detected by the operator, he, through the emergency mushroom button located in correspondence with the air passage, immediately closes the normally open pneumatic flanged valve installed. At the entrance to the descent, therefore, the gas supply will be interrupted, allowing the workers to intervene.
This system allows, thanks to the local blocking of the relevant lowering, the safety of the work areas without compromising the continuation of activities by the other operators.
Centralized system safety system with automatic drain.

In the event that it is necessary to interrupt the supply of an entire fuel or oxidation gas line to make the system safe, the localized safety system can be completed by the centralized gas safety system with automatic drain, interception of the gas flow in the line and its emptying.

Upon detection of a gas leak in the environment, the operator will activate the automatic block of the main gas distribution line via an emergency button with protective glass.
Automatically, the system subsequently closes the pneumatic valve located at the inlet of the line and opens a drain valve located on a vent chimney in a special area comparable to an ATEX area.
In this way the operators can make the entire work area safe, ensuring the blocking of the gas supply in the part of the first stage system downstream of the reducer.

Containment jacket reclamation system and gas supply lines
To accelerate the emptying of the lines and therefore have total safety in terms of reclamation of the combustible and oxidizing gas lines, it is possible to install a galvanized steel cylinder rack for an inert gas cylinder and a pre-calibrated first stage reducer upstream of the system complete with safety valve and wall fixing bracket.
This system will provide the purification gas for the total cleaning of the process lines and can be installed separately or to complete the plant safety systems in order to guarantee complete washing of the lines thanks to the passage of inert gas, once the supply of the gas whose leak was detected was blocked.

All the systems described above can be managed manually through the safety systems or automatically through interface systems located throughout the plant.

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