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They are double-acting valves, i.e. they work both in overpressure and in depression and are built in AISI 304 or AISI 316. The declared calibrations are guaranteed by the fact that they are determined according to the weight of the respective plates and by the fact that inside they are generally not springs of any kind are foreseen.

The valves in standard configuration are calibrated at 5 millibar in depression while in overpressure the calibration is 35 millibar, but on request it is possible to increase this value up to 80 millibar using an adjustable preload spring (optional).
They are normally produced in three sizes and divided according to the servings that the customer needs.

However, we remind you that the flow rate is always linked to the operating pressure/depression, therefore the values ​​indicated in the catalog are to be considered purely indicative. It is therefore the user's task to choose the most appropriate valve version based on the passage
actual possession and the pressures involved.

They can be connected with GAS, DIN, CLAMP, SMS, MACON connections.

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