Quasar system: safety for gas conditioning in the system

Safety in the workplace

Those who work in the gas conditioning sector are exposed to the risk of accidents every day.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" Article 3 of the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights"

Cryotek Eng has created and certified some of the most efficient safety systems for plant gas conditioning.
Safety is not intended as a set of equipment, but as a real concept, to safeguard operators and the working environment.

What is the Quasar Security System?

It is a centralized analysis system, capable of detecting any gas leaks in the environment, with sensors placed inside the protection jacket, to identify exactly where the leak is and intervene.

The Quasar integrated security system is created and designed by Cryotek after years of study and testing:

  • Study and analysis of critical factors and risks for the different types of gas in compliance with the Directives: UNI11627–Legge81–ATEX-PED.
  • Study and analysis of the risk factors of the implant.
  • Detection of each risk area and subdivision based on the different level of criticality of the system.

Why choose the Quasar system for your company?

The Quasar System would allow the requesting company and its managers basically 3 advantages:

- Propose itself as an innovative company within the sector by using and having expertise regarding one of the most innovative security systems of recent years.

- Completely discharge the responsibilities related to the conveyance and use of dangerous gases, since the system is in itself a guarantee and created to protect the operators and managers of the plant.
- Preserving things and people, for companies to elevate their operational staff and make them at the forefront of the sector.

Why choose Cryotek Eng.

We are a company that boasts more than 60 years of history in the production and installation of gas networks. We want to make our experience available to relieve you of the doubt of having systems, equipment and procedures that do not protect you and your staff from the risks associated with gas conditioning that is not in compliance with the restrictive Directives in the field of workplace safety. .

For us it is essential to offer you the certainty that you and your loved ones are protected from legal action due to inappropriate actions.

Cryotek Eng, synonymous with professionalism, efficiency and safety, takes advantage of the decades of experience of its technicians and inspectors.

We are structured to constantly train and update our technical staff, which is why we are able to offer you a safe and quality service.

Both the company and our courses are certified by the CVI Sro certification body

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