EASYBORD Decompression System

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Single stage decompression system mod. Easyboard Star 2. The visible first stage decompression unit is equipped with two inlets with anti-transfer valves, thanks to which it is possible to replace the single source with the active panel. The system is completed by two pressure gauges, high and low pressure, and an outlet ball valve. Additionally, a pressure switch is available for remote control of the pressure in the high pressure chamber.
The outlet pressure adjustment is easily adjustable thanks to a nylon knob, the pair of pressure gauges allows direct control over the adjustment. The overpressure valve ensures safe working.
Able to handle a wide range of gases: combustible, oxidising and inert. Thanks to the use of new construction techniques, the use of innovative materials and the use of self-regulating gas control systems, these instruments are reliable, flexible and simple to manage.
On request we produce versions for pure, hyperpure, medical and food gases.
Depending on the required output pressure, it can be equipped with a diaphragm (up to 10 bar) or with a piston system (up to 60 bar).
Available for mixes and with international bindings.
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