D02HF Decompression System

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The D02 / D02HF decompression station is a complete gas reduction and control station that does not require any additional equipment.
The power plant is in fact already equipped with an inlet filtration system, first stage reducers and an integrated differential system capable of managing inlet pressures of up to 200 bar and outlet pressures of up to 10 bar. The electronic pressure transducers with which it is equipped are interfaced with alarm systems capable of warning when the cylinders are in reserve.

The control unit is completed with an automatic exchange system, capable of automatically switching to the full cylinder once the cylinder in process has entered reserve. The integrated alarms cannot be silenced except by replacing the cylinders and restoring the pressure initially set via the selector located on the front panel of the panel. The system is equipped with an interface for connection to an external electric alarm control unit.

The use of essential graphics and the panel-front installation of all the display systems make use and pressure calibration simple and intuitive.
Thanks to the operating principle of the automatic exchange system, it will no longer be necessary to stop production to change the cylinders.
The system is particularly suitable for Oil&Gas applications.


Maximum inlet pressure 200 bar
Maximum outlet pressure 9-13 bar
Inlet connections 3/8” GM
Outlet connections 3/8” GF
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