Decompression System Mod. D118 OH

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The D118 OH decompression and distribution system offers the possibility of having in a single location:
2 decompression groups and use of propane for heating with reel and 25 m hose.
2 decompression groups and use of oxygen-propane for cutting with 15 m twin hose reel.
In addition to the great practicality of combining 4 stations in a single structure, the D118 OH is equipped with a safety system which, in the event of an emergency, allows you to immediately shut off any flammable gas supply by pressing the button.
The entire structure is fixed to the ground using M12 anchor bolts and connected to the gas and air networks via UNI EN 1092-1 – PN40 flanges.
Hidden supports allow it to be moved and positioned easily.
The system is particularly suitable for Oil&Gas applications.
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