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In order to reduce costs, management times and inventories, Cryotek has created a refilling system.
This system solves the problem of transporting individual cylinders and finding them, reducing among other things the very high management cost of a fractionation system.
Once the system has been positioned near the work area, it will be possible to continue filling the cylinders without organizing long and expensive transport. You only need a cryogenic liquid gas tank as a gas supply and a stock of empty cylinders to fill.
This refilling system for Argon or Co2 will be positioned on a special transportable skid, specifically created based on your needs. The latter could have the standard dimensions of a container (6000 mm x 2400 mm x 2600 mm) in order to facilitate movement by train or truck. It will be possible to lift the skid with a forklift, while some hooks will be positioned on the roof for lifting with the crane. The skid may have heat-insulating walls and roof (polyurethane density 40Kg/m3) to ensure protection from atmospheric agents and damage. The manifold that loads the cylinders will be placed outside the container on a wall, which will in turn be placed behind, in order to maintain the standard dimensions of the container.

This decision favors the loading and unloading operations of the cylinders. All the devices necessary to fill the cylinders will be positioned inside the container.
The container could have special windows for ventilation, a door for entry of personnel and devices, an electrical system for lighting and supply (power 15 Kw). The system does not include a cryogenic tank. The system will be composed of a cryogenic pump with its electrical panel, a vaporizer, a vacuum pump with control panel, a panel to manage the charge collector with safety systems, some scales for Co2.
The tank will be connected to the system with special cryogenic hoses and after startup it will be possible to continuously fill the cylinders. The number of cylinders you can fill is variable and we can create a skid based on your needs.
The system will be completely automatic and in this way it will be easy to use for your staff.

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