P16 L dry preheating system

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Dry preheating system suitable for all types of anhydrous gases.
The instrument is characterized by its simplicity of installation.
Thanks to the innovative heat exchange system, it was possible to obtain higher preheating values, with the same power, than those currently in use.

The system is equipped with a potentiometer to be able to adjust the desired preheating value and a thermometer to be able to keep the gas temperature under control.
Furthermore, the pre-heater is equipped with two indicator lights which signal the operating status of the appliance, while the green indicator light indicates whether the heating phase is in progress.

The preheater is made in compliance with the ATEX reference regulations in the explosion-proof field and is CESI certified n° EX-99.E.067.
The total absence of welding, synonymous with perfect leakage resistance, makes the instrument suitable for any type of application.

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