F19D measuring system

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The F19D digital flow meter is a practical digital measurement tool thanks to which it is possible to measure the flow of gases and mixtures exiting the welding torch.
It is able to precisely measure gases, such as: Air, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide
It also allows the measurement of mixtures of Argon and Carbon Dioxide with different percentages:
Ar 80% – CO2 20%
Ar 70% – CO2 30%
Ar 60% – CO2 40%
Ar 92% – CO2 8%
Ar 90% – CO2 10%

The instrument is equipped with a digital display with a reading precision of one decimal place.
The 3000 mA lithium battery power supply makes it easily transportable without any type of impediment; thanks to the included battery charger you can always have a product charged and ready for use.

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