Generator for Hydrogen and Oxygen

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The system produces hydrogen and oxygen separately using the electrolysis process of demineralised water according to the reaction: 2H2O + electricity > 2H2 + O2.

In this way, a large quantity of practically pure hydrogen and oxygen can be produced from simple demineralised water, equal to a total of approximately 18,000 L/H (it is possible to reach up to 36,000 L/H). the two gases leave the electrolytic cell already separated, are subsequently dried in the appropriate filters and made available for use. This gas production system also ensures advantages that can be very important during production: first of all, a general saving due to the elimination of costs linked to gas supply; in addition, it is avoided having to accumulate various stocks of high pressure explosive gas cylinder packs, which in addition to taking up space must be treated with particular caution: last, but not least, simple water vapor is produced from the combustion of the two gases.


It can be supplied in two versions, one for thecentralization of the systemand one formobile stations, equipped with hose reel andplaces taken. Upon your request, cutting torches and automatic cutting systems including bands can also be supplied.

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