Design and feasibility studies

Our team will find the most suitable solution for your requests, trying to carry out feasibility studies for the management of gases and/or complete systems in the various application sectors in compliance with total safety and efficiency.

A highly trained team together with the technical study will analyze in detail every factor forming part of your project, trying to suggest where possible alternatives that can make your production increasingly profitable through cost containment.

The ability and passion of the Cryotek group also leads to the creation of ad hoc systems, i.e. the design and construction of prototypes and tools customized according to your needs.

A team made up of technicians to satisfy every technical problem, HSE Safety Managers, QC Quality Managers, Test Analysts, Licensed Welders, Instrumentalists will assist you in the entire collaboration, from the immediate purchase of already available products, to the development of your own and ad hoc systems, their installation and finally subsequent assistance.

Installation and system assistance

The management of systems related to gas conditioning represents increasingly more challenges regarding efficiency and safety, the importance of having to carry out maintenance (ordinary and extraordinary) and providing the best assistance service for the resolution of any complication and /or difficulty, hence the Cryotek group is committed to guaranteeing a GLOBAL ASSISTANCE service to all its customers and non-customers.

Intervening quickly all over the world through technical staff capable of following the customer from the first phase of installation and start-up of systems and equipment, to the calibration and certification phase of all equipment and up to and including the after-sales phase of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Security and alarm systems

Today, there are various risks and dangers associated with the use of compressed gases.

In this, as in many other sectors, there is the possibility that something could go wrong and that someone who is at that particular moment could become the victim of a very serious accident.

Some simple precautions and procedures can reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum, reducing the danger looming over workers.

Cryotek Group has designed and patented alarm systems capable of reducing the risk related to explosions or gas leaks.
Alarms that may be able to control the entire production system and/or plant to ensure safety for those who work there.


Cryotek has the constant duty to invest in research and development to always be at the forefront and in line with customer requests, the same investment is proposed to its staff where in the last 60 years it has made it possible to set up a technical office not only to be able offer global assistance but also real professional training.

We are talking about training courses for the use of gas equipment relating to new technologies, safety and current regulations in the industrial technical gas sector.

The training carried out either at our offices or directly on site will include all the material and handouts necessary for preparation, a final test for each section and practical experience in the field.

We believe the professional training of workers is very important as greater knowledge and familiarity with concepts and information related to gas management can help reduce the risks associated with gas management and allow them to act in total safety.