Prometeo, gas conditioning and mixing, ALL IN ONE system

Gas conditioning and mixing systems, already calibrated for the production of technical, industrial and food mixtures. Cryotek Eng increasingly gains the trust of the most important companies in the food, welding and heat treatment sectors thanks to Prometeo , which manages to intercept all those companies that are looking for cutting-edge and safe products for their business.

Attention to the customer has led us to design a solution capable of solving all the problems that may arise during the construction of a system.

What is Prometheus?

A ready-to-use system, where all the gas conditioning systems are contained in a "transportable skid" already calibrated for the production of technical, industrial and food mixtures.

What is it for?

Prometeo has been designed to guarantee maximum efficiency in gas supply.

Who is it aimed at?

Prometeo was designed for all those companies that need a personalized, tailor-made system in relation to the specific needs of each customer.

Companies working in the welding , food and heat treatment sectors will be able to better implement their processes thanks to the innovation contained in a single product.

Why should you choose Prometeo for your company?

1. ALL – IN – ONE system

2. Product patented by Cryotek Eng.

3. Low design costs, without the need for a preventive inspection.

4. Zero installation costs: the system is shipped ready for use;

5. Minimal size: Prometeo occupies a space of 100x100x200 centimetres.

6. System security: Prometeo guarantees maximum security, as the structure is such as to allow access only to authorized persons.

What if I don't want to buy it?

No problem! Cryotek Eng offers you the possibility to rent Prometheus; in this way you will be able to benefit from all the advantages without owning it, with interesting tax breaks.

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