Variable area mixer: more flavor to your coffee

Coffee a drink full of secrets.

It is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day.

Coffee is not just a drink, it is much more: it is a daily ritual, an excuse to get together with friends and family, an excuse to take a break.

We have always loved it and relied on its beneficial properties.

We are always looking for a good coffee and what leads us to choose one coffee rather than another is its intense scent, its aroma.

Have you ever wondered what the unique flavor of coffee depends on?

Coffee packaging techniques are very important because they must safeguard the organoleptic and aromatic properties threatened by the contact of freshly roasted coffee with oxygen and humidity.

Coffee undergoes deterioration which can cause the impoverishment and depreciation of the blend. To overcome this harmful process, there are various packaging techniques that vary based on the type of coffee and the target market.

The packaging choices are different depending on the type of coffee: ground coffee and coffee beans. Ground coffee tends to deteriorate more quickly than coffee beans because it has greater exposure to the area which causes it to lose its characteristics.

There are 3 coffee packaging methods :

  • Vacuum packing : guarantees long conservation and good maintenance of organoleptic properties.
  • Pressurization : consists of replacing the air present in metal containers with inert gases.

Although most people are familiar with the vacuum packing method, in recent years and research it has been discovered that the latter is not the most effective packaging technique.

Now we'll explain why.

After being roasted, coffee releases carbon dioxide. The beans continue to breathe this gas for a long time, the vacuum does not allow oxygen to enter on the one hand, but on the other it does not allow the substances produced by the coffee to exit.

In recent years, several companies are favoring the use of "MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE" or MAP gases. This technique allows you to preserve food better and for longer.

For the packaging of coffee the gases used are nitrogen and for some years also carbon dioxide CO2.

Cryotek Eng offers unique and innovative solutions

Cryotek Eng is ahead of the curve by increasingly responding to the countless market demands and strongly believes in the use of modified atmosphere gases in food packaging processes.
For coffee packaging, the use of CO2 guarantees that the aroma and intense flavor of freshly roasted coffee is kept intact.

For example, did you know that some studies show that the crema that forms in the surface state of coffee is produced by CO2?

Based on the blends you want to obtain, to best preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee , Cryotek Eng has designed: The variable area mixer


  • Reduces the risk of mix error thus increasing product quality
  • It simplifies and optimizes production, as the tool is decidedly simple to use.
  • Customize the gas mixture based on the product
  • Increased Know-out
  • Customer satisfaction

Cryotek Eng variable area mixers differ in:

  • Precision and constant verification : the use of glass flow meters made by Cryotek guarantees maximum precision: they are measuring instruments based on the immediate reading Pitot system. The only mixer that contains this technology and allows constant and continuous verification of the mixture produced.
  • Safety : these instruments allow operators to intervene promptly in the event of a fault, thus avoiding production stops, as the reading is direct!
  • Savings : since the mixer is a reliable instrument, the installation and use of line analysis systems is not necessary.

Whether it is in grains, ground, in a bag or in capsules, you can decide which blend to use by simply pressing a few simple buttons.

To respond to an increasingly demanding and informed clientele, rely on Cryotek Eng.

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