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In some recent posts we talked about warnings related to food additives, in particular reference to chemical preservatives and the importance of using gases to preserve food through MAP Technology.

Today we always talk about additives but we move on to materials that preserve food.

That is, the famous and widely used aluminum foil or tinfoil.

Surely you will have used it in the kitchen, for example to cover foods, such as lasagne, canapés on a metal tray, sandwiches for a packed lunch or even to cook the famous "fish in foil" or "vegetables in foil"

Why shouldn't you use foil for food storage?

It is not suitable for covering and/or preserving acidic foods such as tomatoes (even if we often preserve lasagna like this, or the lemon itself once cut), or moist foods (the sandwich I bring for my lunch break) or foods salty (like leftover pizza).
Yet by taking these notions for granted we do not pay due attention to these warnings which have as their main objective to avoid the migration of aluminum as much as possible considered toxic to humans.

The migration of the metal is facilitated when we put it in contact with these types of foods which the warnings tell us to avoid.

What the law provides.

These warnings are mandatory by law according to Decree no. 76 of 18 April 2007 published in the Official Gazette no. 141 of 20 June 2007 which also places attention on storage temperatures when using foil paper but, nevertheless, they are mandatory for law, are not widespread among consumers and are taken for granted.

In conclusion, so as not to alarm you, aluminum foil is not dangerous, but if used according to the warnings and precautions indicated, but to do this you need to know.

REMEMBER: getting informed is the first step to protecting yourself.

Why choose MAP Technology for food preservation?

MAP Technology is a technique used to avoid contact of oxygen with the surface of the food in order to increase preservation times, but above all at the same time, to reduce the use of chemical food preservatives, to guarantee a more fresh and genuine without changing the organoleptic properties of the product.

What does Cryotek Eng do?

Cryotek Eng, in fact, has distinguished itself in recent years for its active participation on technical tables, international health organizations and high technical level in the research and creation of equipment for the use of a different conservation technology. Or MAP TECHNOLOGY.

Author's Notes:

For further information on the presence of metals in our organism and their effects, we refer you to specialized sites in this regard. The above description is not intended to replace scientific research, but is for informational purposes only.

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