Pharmaceutical and Chemical Fields


Even in the pharmaceutical industry, “modified atmosphere packaging” (Map Technology) represents the optimal conservation of tablets, powders, ointments and similar products up to biotechnological packaging such as that used for laboratory kits.

Thanks to the high skills of our technical staff, Cryotek Eng has implemented welding and assembly procedures capable of supporting the high standards required in the creation of SKIDS and systems for the pharmaceutical industry; in addition to this, thanks to a consolidated collaboration with a company leader in the medical industry, our line was completed with equipment engineered and manufactured at our factories suitable for the medical sector.


Developed over many years of plants all over the world, our plant engineering department has evolved to create lines and equipment for the management of pure and ultra-pure gases.

We carry out a feasibility study for the projects, installation and certification of the same for the distribution of pure and ultra-pure gas (UHP), in electropolished 316L stainless steel with a finishing degree up to 5 Ra, with automatic or manual TIG welding method, according to Ministerial Decree 37/08 and Directive 97/23/EC PED.

If the gases involved are hydrochloric or toxic acids, the system will be run in double jacketed pipes, always with orbital TIG welding process, manually or through the use of inspective shells patented by us.