Our Partners


BVM is our retailer par excellence in Slovak territory.
BVM, in addition to the resale of every Cryotek material, is committed in the supply of spare parts, new or reconditioned, for industrial and automotive machinery at the service of the mechanical and technical industrial field, for example the supply of equipment for gas mixing and conditioning. 
Operational since  1993, today it is an important reality in the Slovak market able to guarantee efficiency and promptness in the delivery of the required materials, guaranteeing a complete service in relation to the ordering and delivery of parts, starting from prices, through logistics, to storage options with the possibility to store critical parts in the warehouse

BVM je náš vynikajúci maloobchodný predajca na území Slovenska.
BVM sa okrem ďalšieho predaja celého sortimentu výrobkov spoločnosti CRYOTEK ENG venuje dodávkam náhradných dielov, nových alebo repasovaných, do priemyselných výrobných strojov, buď v automotive priemysle alebo v službách mechanickej a technickej priemyselnej oblasti a údržby, napríklad na dodávky zariadení na miešanie a úpravu plynov.
Funguje od roku 1993. V súčasnosti je na slovenskom trhu dôležité zaručiť efektívnosť a rýchlosť dodania požadovaných materiálov, zaručiť kompletný servis v súvislosti s objednaním a dodaním dielov, počnúc cenami, cez logistiku, až po možnosti skladovania kritických dielov pre okamžité dodanie. “



Map Cert is a member of the SALT group (1979) that provides specialized consultancy on food quality in MAP technology.

Map Cert has developed a number of Technical Check and Testing Specifications that outline guidelines for the entire production chain and the complete processes that use MAP technology; thus, starting from the certification of plants and equipment up to the selection of the mixtures themselves.
The collaboration with Cryotek is based on mutual support for the technical advice of the plants and equipment, as well as for the inspection and check part.

The collaboration also involves the study and joint research for the preservation of food in MAP technology, thus replacing chemical preservatives and offering innovative and safe technology on the market.

Cryotek has been collaborating for several years with the MAP CERT organization, therefore becoming the excellent partner for technical consultancy on food systems and for engineering applied to mixing processes.


Safety Net srl

Safety Net srl manufactures devices for the analysis and detection of toxic gases, explosive gases and oxygen and offers an efficient technical support service. This service is provided by Safety Net not only on its products, but also on gas detection systems manufactured with devices and equipment of other companies.

Cryotek Eng & Safety Net support each other to create and implement advanced engineering capable of meeting customer needs.

Cryotek Eng’s continuous research together with Safety Net supports companies with advanced and cutting-edge technologies, a strategic collaboration to meet the incremental demand for this market.



The Russian market discovers a great opportunity in the Cryotek Eng business, finding not only a qualified company but its own business partner to introduce new engineering systems related to the conditioning and mixing of technical-industrial gases into the Russian market.

Here the great collaboration of Cryotek Eng together with GAS TEKNO MIX based in Krasnodar, which becomes a leader in the manufacture of equipment and systems for gas mixing in Russia, was born.

Flanked by the Cryotek Eng’s Research Dept., Gas Tekno Mix today offers innovative solutions for the market, with a prompt solution to customer needs, thus guaranteeing innovation and quality for gas conditioning and mixing systems.



EURO CRYO s.r.l. was established in Ialoveni (Republic of Moldova) in 2014, with a ten-year work experience in the laying of pipes on site, manufacture of metal works, prefabrication of pipe systems for building construction, electrical systems, installation of hydraulic systems, manufacture of skids and performance of any type of welding.

EuroCryo, now the preferred Cryotek Eng’s partner, thanks to mutual support brings in an emerging market like the Moldovan one innovation and engineering for the industry related to the conditioning of industrial technical gases.