Among the numerous parameters that intervene during a heat treatment, one of the most important is certainly the gaseous atmosphere used.

The knowledge of the characteristics of the gases that compose it, of its behavior in the furnace, with respect to the materials subjected to the treatment, is essential for obtaining the desired characteristics.

Cryotek group is able to guarantee maximum operating efficiency by obtaining a significant increase in production capacity and a significant reduction in costs and consumption through pressure management systems, measuring devices and pneumatic process logic (process engineering) 

Therefore, starting from the measuring devices up to the certification of the entire plant with timely after-sales support, we could guarantee a safer working environment with an increase in performance at the process level.

The goldsmith industry is closely connected and through the heat treatment process operates in that sector for the processing of gold.

Here too Cryotek Eng has taken its share of the market by preparing suitable equipment for the treatment of precious metals and the creation of hydrogen cutting and welding mixtures.

We have added to our service the possibility of having highly performing hydrogen and oxygen generators.