Food Field

In recent decades, the growing demand for healthy and natural food with a prolonged shelf-life without the addition of chemical additives, has promoted the development of alternative technologies including the preservation of food products through MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Technology

It is evident how the Map method, used for the packaging of fresh food, becomes more and more accurate and precise so as to be able to guarantee the correct conservation of food.

To guarantee these food freshness requirements without changing their organoleptic properties, Cryotek Eng has a line of variable area mixing systems certified by the Map Consortium (Surveillance body for compliance with food procedures), capable of prolonging the preservation period of food products in a natural way and without their altering flavor and quality.

Our technology allows a high technical solution to problems related to preservation, containment of costs and the guarantee of a partner present for over 60 years in the food gas industry.

Connected to the industry of food, Cryotek Eng also works in the beverage industry and in the oil and wine field through a line of products dedicated to filling storage tanks for the conveyance of protective gases and for the safety of working environments through an automatic system for detecting environmental under-oxygenation.