Design and feasibility studies

Our team will find the most suitable solution to your requests, trying to carry out feasibility studies for the management of gas and/or complete systems in the various fields of application in compliance with total safety and efficiency.
A highly trained team together with the technical team will analyze in detail each factor that is part of your project trying to suggest where an alternative will be possible that can make your production more profitable through cost containment.

The ability and passion of the Cryotek group also leads to the manufacture of ad hoc systems, i.e. the design and v of prototypes and customized tools according to your needs.

A team made up of technicians to solve every technical problem, HSE Safety Managers, Qc Quality Managers, Test Analysts, Patented Welders, Instrumentalists will assist you in all the collaboration, from the immediate purchase of products already available, to the preparation of one’s own and real ones ad hoc systems, their installation and finally subsequent assistance.