Gas mixer M04D

Miscelatore M04D Gas mixer M04D

M04D is able to offer, at reduced costs, in small spaces and in a single frame, four independent mixers, thus optimizing the organization of the process throughout the production. There is the possibility of setting up to four mixtures through a series of micrometric valves that are used to calibrate the flow on each single line, thus generating a mixture with a defined title.

The flow rates are read using direct reading analogue systems based on the Pitot system. Designed, constructed and calibrated specifically for welding plants with important productions. The user has the possibility of obtaining a direct feedback on the title of the mixture produced and, through a flow control system with visual alarm, the possibility of having it also on the stability of the output mixture.

The system is equipped with digital input pressure signals to control the pressures and levels of gas autonomy in the racks and is equipped with calibrated sockets designed to ensure a correct homogenization of the gas flows that allow the direct analysis of the individual mixtures with specific analyzers. Thanks to the tempered glass door with safety key the product will be protected from any external tampering. This mixer is available in the ternary version and can integrate an analysis system and a locking system.