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Didactical program for the status of operators in interlocking tools and industrial gases

In consideration of the technological development of the gas field, and with a view to guaranteeing safety, higher performances of the appliances and stronger professionalism of the operators, Cryotek Eng, in compliance with the more and more restrictive standards in force, organises Training Courses for the safe use of Technical Gases according to the D.Lgs 81/2008 and following modifications (ex. D. Lgs 109/2009). 

The Legislative Decree mentioned above binds the employers to assure a sufficient and adequate training on health and safety, especially for what concerns the work environment and the duties of the workers.

Courses are given by decennial-experienced personnel who is going to provide all the necessary didactic material. Courses take place in our own site, or at the Customer’s, and they consist of concise meetings aiming at enlarging the professional knowledge.

All the people attending the courses will be asked to take an examination in order to achieve a qualification certificate which will complete their professional skills and will guarantee safety and the observation of the standards in force.

The companies complying with this initiative will have the possibility of taking advantage of the contribution provided by the FAPI.


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