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Cryotek Eng Srl has been successfully on the Italian market  for years and after the unstoppable growth of the global market Cryotek has decided to have some supporting points in other nations following its own company  philosophy of development. Firstly, all this allowed to have managers on the place that can enter in direct contact with our actual and future customers, more than develop market researches. Naturally, we always refer to the headquarters in Cologno Monzese, that through its technical department is able to find the best solutions for its customers. The choice to keep the production, the assistance, the commercialization and the management of customers centralized has been taken because the fields of Cryotek Eng Srl are various (from welding plants to food mixing systems) and we want to offer to our customers the best possible assistance concerning competence and  speed. Then Cryotek Eng wants to be able to offer the same competence and speed in each of its fields, in the whole world, starting a process of training for some managers, so that in the close future they can have the role of technical-commercial consultants.

Until now Cryotek Eng is able to offer the service GLOBAL ASSISTANCE  , guaranteeing the intervention of our technical personnel  in the whole world. 

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